Investigative Report: Recent Hacks and Suspicious Activities in the Crypto World

Over the past 24 hours, the crypto world has been rocked by several alarming incidents involving hacking, rug pulls, and suspicious activities. In this investigative report, we delve into the details of these events to shed light on what has transpired.

1. Pekoprotocol Rug Pull:
In a shocking turn of events, Pekoprotocol on Linea has reportedly carried out a “rug pull,” leaving investors in disarray. The project has swiftly deleted its social media accounts and groups, raising concerns about the authenticity of their operations.

2. Justin Sun’s Involvement:
A labeled address associated with Justin Sun, a prominent figure in the crypto space, has raised eyebrows. The address, linked to the Tron blockchain, witnessed a withdrawal of 200M USDT from JustLend, which was subsequently transferred to Huobi. Moreover, another address linked to Justin Sun on Ethereum transferred 5,000 ETH (approximately $9.14 million) to Huobi, further raising suspicions about his involvement in these transactions.

3. Suspect TRX Whale Activity:
A TRX whale address (TT2T17…kU9N) has been involved in recent suspicious activities. Notably, within the last six days, this address minted 38.5 million TUSD and received 10 million TUSD from Huobi and 1 million TUSD from Binance. The funds were then supplied to JustLend, totaling approximately 49.5 million TUSD. The nature of these transactions raises questions about the legitimacy of the activities surrounding this address.

4. Steadefi Exploit:
The decentralized finance platform Steadefi has fallen victim to an exploit, resulting in a loss of around $1.14 million. The attack appears to have been accomplished through the compromise of Steadefi’s deployer wallet. The hacker managed to drain various cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, WBTC, AVAX, WETH, and ARB, predominantly from the Arbitrum and Avalanche networks. Furthermore, the stolen assets have already been swapped for approximately 625 ETH and bridged to Ethereum, making tracking and recovery efforts challenging.

5. Asset Manipulation on FTM and Polygon:
On the Fantom chain (FTM), an address (0x3d2b…d170) spent $18,670 to acquire 9.19 BTC (worth approximately $267,327.91) and $33,867.87 to purchase 170 ETH (worth estimated $311,440). However, these assets were then bridged to Polygon. The suspicious transactions seem to have capitalized on the de-pegging of wrapped assets on MultiChain, demonstrating an opportunistic approach to the market.

6. Compromised Twitter Accounts:
Reports have emerged about the compromise of Twitter accounts belonging to LearnWeb3DAO and their co-founder, Haezurath. It is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from interacting with their website, hxxp://, until the situation is resolved.

7. Liquidity Removal on ShitCoinC3ntral:
Lastly, a large liquidity removal has been detected on the platform ShitCoinC3ntral. An externally-owned account (EOA) associated with the deployer address withdrew around 31 WETH (approximately $57,000) in liquidity. This unexpected removal signifies potential misconduct and warrants further investigation.

The past 24 hours have witnessed a series of alarming events in the crypto landscape, including rug pulls, suspicious transactions, compromised accounts, and liquidity removals. These incidents underscore the need for vigilance and thorough investigation within the crypto community. As the crypto market continues to evolve, it is essential for participants to remain cautious and exercise due diligence in their investments and interactions.

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