Investigative Report: Recent Hacking Activities Shake Crypto Market

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, security is of utmost importance. However, despite efforts to enhance security measures, hackers continue to find ways to exploit vulnerabilities. In this investigative report, we will delve into the recent hacking activities that have rocked the crypto market in the past 24 hours.

PeckShield Alerts:
1. RocketSwap_Labs Exploiter:
The RocketSwap_Labs exploiter has been busy in the past hour, deploying the $LoveRCKT2.0 token and removing liquidity. Within this short span, 57.83 trillion $LoveRCKT2.0 tokens and 35 ETH have been liquidated, resulting in a massive 90% drop in the value of $LoveRCKT2.0.

2. RocketSwap_Labs Exploiter’s Further Actions:
The exploiter behind the RocketSwap_Labs attack has showcased a nefarious skillset. They successfully grabbed approximately 471 ETH and transferred them from the #Base network to the Ethereum network. Subsequently, they created a new token called $LoveRCKT and supplied 90 trillion $LoveRCKT tokens, along with 400 ETH, to Uniswap.

3. LoveRCKT Token Sales:
In a surprising turn of events, the RocketSwap_Labs exploiter promptly sold 2.5 trillion $LoveRCKT tokens for 20.33 WETH, indicating an attempt to cash in on their deceptive activities.

4. UraniumFinance Exploiter:
Another troubling incident involves the UraniumFinance exploiter, who bridged approximately 2 million USDC from the BNBChain to Ethereum. Subsequently, they swapped these tokens for roughly 1,075.6 ETH and transferred 1,000 ETH to TornadoCash, a known privacy-centric platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

CertiK Skynet Alerts:
1. Fake CIRCLE Token Exploitation:
CertiK Skynet has detected suspicious activities surrounding a fake CIRCLE token. The address associated with this exploit gained a staggering 900 BNB (equivalent to approximately $216,300) from a honeypot. To further obfuscate their tracks, the exploiter moved 400 BNB through TornadoCash.

2. Beware of Fake Stargate Airdrop:
The crypto community should exercise caution regarding a fake Stargate airdrop being promoted on social media platforms. It is crucial not to interact with the link hxxps://, as it has been identified as a malicious website designed to drain wallets.

These recent hacking activities have once again highlighted the need for enhanced security measures in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Crypto enthusiasts and investors must remain vigilant, exercise caution, and research thoroughly before engaging with new projects or airdrops. Platforms should also prioritize security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities promptly. As the crypto industry continues to grow, its participants must unite to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.

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