Investigative Report: Cryptocurrency Security Breaches and Phishing Attacks

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, security is paramount. However, recent events highlight that even the most trusted platforms and wallets are not immune to security breaches and phishing attacks. In this investigative report, we will delve into three significant incidents that occurred within the last 24 hours.

Chiliz Funds Deposited to Binance Multisig Wallet:
PeckShieldAlert has identified that an address labeled as a multisig wallet has deposited a substantial amount of Chiliz (CHZ) tokens to Binance. The deposit amounts to 25 million CHZ, equivalent to $1.53 million. This raises questions about the origin of these funds and the motives behind the deposit. Authorities should thoroughly investigate this incident to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.

PrimeTrust Multisig Wallet: The Inaccessible 98f Wallet:
The 98f Wallet, labeled as a multisig wallet by PrimeTrust, has come to attention in relation to a court case where access to the stored cryptocurrencies was lost. Arkham, an investigative entity, has discovered that the 98f Wallet currently holds approximately $40 million worth of various cryptocurrencies, including 23.8K ETH and 935.3K USDC. It is concerning that this wallet is inaccessible, leading to further suspicion regarding the intentions and security measures of PrimeTrust. The recent transfer of 12K ETH into the 98f Wallet raises even more questions, demanding a thorough investigation into the funds’ source and their ultimate destination.

Phishing Attack on AtomS NFT Community:
CertiKSkynetAlert unveiled a phishing attack targeting users of the AtomS NFT community. A malicious link, hxxps://, was posted in the community’s announcement channel on Discord. Interacting with this link could expose users to a known wallet drainer, posing a significant risk to their funds. It is crucial for community members to exercise caution, refrain from engaging with suspicious links, and report any potential phishing attempts to maintain a secure environment.

The crypto space is a dynamic and ever-changing ecosystem where security vulnerabilities can have severe consequences. The incidents highlighted in this investigative report underscore the importance of rigorous security measures and constant vigilance among platform operators and users alike. Authorities, platform operators, and individuals must work in tandem to identify and address such security breaches promptly. By increasing awareness and staying informed, we can collectively strive for a safer and more secure cryptocurrency landscape.

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