Investigation: 24-Hour Hacking News Shakes Crypto Community

The cryptocurrency market has been hit by a series of alarming incidents over the past 24 hours, raising concerns about the security and trustworthiness of various platforms and projects. This article will delve into the details of these events, highlighting the potential risks and urging caution for all crypto enthusiasts.

Phishing Attack on MERGEZ_NFT Discord Server:

Reports have emerged indicating that the @MERGEZ_NFT Discord Server has fallen victim to a phishing attack. Users are advised to refrain from clicking on any links until the team confirms that they have regained control of the server. Phishing attacks are a widely known cyber threat that aims to trick individuals into divulging personal information or exposing themselves to malicious links.

Unverified Contract Attack on Arbitrum:

In another concerning incident, an unverified contract with the address 0xd614 on the Arbitrum network was exploited by an unknown attacker. This attacker manipulated the trust of the contract owner, who inadvertently approved tokens to the perpetrator. Consequently, the attacker drained the victim contract by exploiting the transferFrom() function, resulting in an approximate loss of $848,000 USD. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thoroughly vetting and verifying contracts before engaging with them.

Phony Worldcoin Airdrop Warning:

Crypto enthusiasts are urged to exercise extreme caution regarding a fake Worldcoin airdrop promoted on the platform X. The suspicious link, hxxps://, has been identified as connecting to a known wallet drainer. Users are advised to refrain from interacting with the said website, as it poses a significant risk to their funds and personal information.

Exit Scam Alert on NFT_SalesRoom:

Alarm bells are ringing within the NFT community as an exit scam unfolds on the @NFT_SalesRoom platform. The contract with the address 0xAbE776435f7459E2f5bA773Bfb753ed19a053dD0 has experienced a sharp decrease in value, with tokens sold directly linked to the deployer. To exacerbate matters further, an external owned account (EOA) with the address 0xdc9b holds approximately $618,000 BUSD. This development has left many questioning the integrity of the platform and the potential vulnerability of funds.

The recent chain of events within the crypto space highlights the persistent challenges that both developers and users face in ensuring the security of their assets. While the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies promises greater control and transparency, it also comes with significant risks.

Crypto enthusiasts should remain vigilant, exercise caution, and thoroughly research any project or platform they engage with. Security should always be a top priority, and due diligence is critical in safeguarding digital assets. As the industry continues to evolve, it is essential that both individuals and platforms work towards strengthening the overall security infrastructure to protect against malicious attacks and scams.

Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies comes with its fair share of risks, but by staying informed and taking precautionary measures, crypto enthusiasts can navigate these challenges and enjoy the benefits of this exciting digital revolution.

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