Investigating Upland’s Crypto Fundraising Rounds: Exploring the Rise of the Virtual Property Trading Game

In the world of blockchain technology and decentralized applications (DApps), a new player has emerged, captivating both crypto enthusiasts and gaming enthusiasts alike. Upland, a virtual property trading game, has garnered attention with its unique concept of mapping the virtual world to the real world using blockchain. With its recent fundraising rounds amassing a total of $27 million, it’s clear that Upland is making significant strides. In this investigative article, we will delve into the details of Upland’s fundraising rounds and explore what sets this virtual property trading game apart.

Fundraising Rounds:
Upland’s journey in securing funding began with an extended Series A round, during which it raised an impressive $7 million. This round was announced on October 20, 2023. Among the investors who showed confidence in Upland’s potential was Animoca Brands, a renowned name in the crypto industry.

Building upon the success of the extended Series A, Upland embarked on its Series A round, raising a whopping $18 million. This round was announced on November 2, 2021, and showcased Upland’s increasing valuation, which soared to $282 million. Key investors in this round included Animoca Brands, Lead Block.One, Alumni Ventures Group, One Team Partners, and SEED. Their support further solidifies Upland’s position as a rising star in the metaverse market.

Additionally, Upland secured a seed funding round back in June 2019, raising $2 million. This early investment played a crucial role in helping Upland establish itself as a pioneer in the NFT-based real estate mogul simulator space. Key investor in this round was FinLab EOS VC Fund.

Upland’s Unique Features:
Upland offers its players a virtual world where properties and land are minted as digital assets on the EOS blockchain. The game bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds by mapping virtual properties to real-world locations, primarily in the United States. This novel concept allows players to engage in a virtual property trading game with tangible connections to the real world.

Apart from trading properties, Upland enables players to engage in various activities, such as collecting NFTs, participating in treasure hunts, building collections, and attending events. With its base in Palo Alto, California, Upland aims to create one of the fastest-growing metaverses mapped to the real world.

Upland has carved a niche for itself in the crypto gaming space by combining the excitement of property trading games with the revolutionary blockchain technology. With its remarkable fundraising efforts totaling $27 million, Upland has attracted support from prominent investors, further affirming its potential for success.

As the virtual property trading game market continues to evolve, Upland’s unique vision and real-world connections set it apart from the competition. With its ongoing development and growing user base, Upland is positioning itself as a significant player in the metaverse market. It’ll be intriguing to witness how Upland’s virtual world expands and what innovations it brings forth in the future.

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