Investigating the Recent Crypto Hacking Spree: NFT Thefts and Massive @Stake Draining

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, security remains a constant concern. This is especially true for individuals and platforms dealing with large amounts of digital assets. In the past 24 hours, PeckShield, a renowned blockchain security company, has issued a series of alerts regarding concerning incidents. These incidents involve the theft of valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the draining of substantial sums of cryptocurrency from @Stake. Let’s dive into the details and investigate these alarming occurrences.

1. NFT Thefts:

PeckShieldAlert #NoCost #Phishing: Three valuable NFTs, including Bored Ape Kennel Club #5330 and Otherdeed #68622, were reported stolen by a suspected phishing individual identified as Fake_Phishing182232. These NFTs were sold on the Blur platform for approximately 2 ETH. Additionally, two NFTs, including Pudgy Penguins #1602, were stolen by another suspected phishing account, Fake_Phishing182853, also on the Blur platform. The exact fate of these stolen NFTs remains uncertain, but their loss is a staggering blow to their rightful owners.

2. @Stake Draining on Polygon:

Moving beyond NFT thefts, @Stake, a prominent cryptocurrency platform, has fallen victim to a severe security breach. PeckShield reports that an unidentified individual, referred to as the “drainer,” has managed to drain a significant amount of funds from @Stake on the Polygon network. This drainer, using the address 0xa262, executed a series of transactions, swapping approximately 3.376 million MATIC (worth around $1.8 million) for approximately 72.29 BTC (worth around $1.8 million). These transactions alone resulted in a loss of approximately $41 million in cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the drainer has made further moves by transferring 800,000 MATIC (approximately $448,000) to two new addresses, namely 0xD807…59Bc and 0x71d6…B14a. Currently, the drainer holds an astonishing 10.1 million MATIC (worth roughly $5.7 million) and still retains the 72.29 BTC on the Polygon network. This troubling incident has rendered @Stake drained of approximately $7.85 million on Polygon, amounting to 14.24 million MAITC tokens.

The recent 24-hour hacking news in crypto has sent shockwaves across the industry. The theft of valuable NFTs and the massive draining of cryptocurrencies from @Stake on the Polygon network highlight the ongoing need for robust security measures within the crypto space. As investors and platforms adapt, it becomes crucial to remain vigilant and implement stringent security protocols to safeguard digital assets.

With PeckShield actively monitoring and reporting such incidents, it is evident that security professionals play a crucial role in identifying, investigating, and raising awareness about potential threats. As the investigation into these latest incidents unfolds, the crypto community waits anxiously for further updates and hopes that those responsible for these acts will be brought to justice.

Disclaimer: This blog post is based on currently available information and is subject to further updates and developments as the investigation progresses.

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