Investigating the Latest Crypto Hacking Scandals: Unveiling the Perpetrators and Victims

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, the risks associated with hacking and scams remain a constant concern for users. In this investigative report, we delve into the recent cryptocurrency hacking incidents over the past 24 hours. From rug pulls to token exploits, let’s uncover the perpetrators behind these nefarious acts and shed light on the victims who suffered substantial losses.

Incident 1: IEGT Scammer Laundered $200K through Tornado Cash:
PeckShield, a well-known blockchain security company, issued an alert regarding an IEGT scammer who managed to launder a staggering 800 BNB (worth around $200K) through Tornado Cash. By utilizing the anonymity capabilities offered by Tornado Cash, the scammer successfully obscured the origins of the funds. Despite the scammer’s effort to hide their tracks, blockchain analytics experts are working tirelessly to trace the flow of these funds to identify the individual responsible.

Incident 2: Palmswaporg and the White Hat Involvement:
Another incident caught the attention of both PeckShield and the wider crypto community. According to the alert, Palmswaporg, a prominent player in the decentralized exchange space, received 80% of the funds (approximately $700K) from a supposed white hat initiative. Further investigation into the transaction reveals that this transfer could be suspicious. Speculation surrounding the legitimacy of the white hat involvement has cast a shadow over Palmswaporg, leading to questions about their role in the transaction.

Incident 3: Carson’s Exploitation Leads to a Significant Loss:
In a separate case, the token Carson fell victim to an exploit resulting in a total loss of around $145K worth of USDT. The exploiter initially funded the attack with 0.4 BNB obtained from Binance. The stolen USDT was then converted into 600 BNB, which were subsequently sent to Tornado Cash, making it harder to trace the funds. Carson, on the other hand, witnessed a staggering drop of 96% in its value, further exacerbating the financial damage caused to investors.

Incident 4: SBTDAO Token Plummeted by 99% Due to Slippage:
CertiKSkyNetAlert, a project specializing in blockchain security, raised concerns over the alarming 99% drop in SBTDAO token’s value. This sharp decline was attributed to significant slippage seen in trading on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Slippage refers to a discrepancy between the expected price of an asset and the actual executed price during a trade. The investigation is ongoing to determine the exact factors influencing this extreme slippage, which has negatively affected holders of SBTDAO.

The cryptocurrency market’s inherent anonymity and decentralized nature make it an attractive target for malicious actors. Incidents like these demonstrate the importance of robust security measures and constant vigilance to protect users’ funds. While authorities and cybersecurity organizations work diligently to investigate these crimes, users should also exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in any crypto-related transactions. Stay informed to keep your investments safe in this fast-paced and ever-innovating digital realm.

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