Investigating the Alphapo Hack: Millions Worth of Crypto Drained and Impersonation Scams Surface

In the world of cryptocurrencies, security remains a paramount concern. Unfortunately, the Alphapo platform is the latest victim of a cyber attack that has left the community reeling. In this article, we will delve into the details of this hacking incident and shed light on the emerging impersonation scams that have added to the turmoil in the crypto space.

The Alphapo Hack:

According to a recent #PeckShieldAlert, the Alphapo hot wallets were drained, resulting in the loss of over $23M worth of cryptocurrencies. The breakdown of the stolen funds includes approximately 6.074M USDT, $108K USDC, 100.2M FTN, 430K TFL, 2.5K ETH, and around 1.7K DAI. These assets were transferred to an address identified as 0x040a…0d17.

After the initial theft, the attacker proceeded to swap some of the stolen stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, ultimately converting them into 5.73K ETH. The stolen ETH was then sent through the Avalanche bridge to BTC. This shows a level of sophistication and planning on the part of the hacker.

The Subsequent Transactions:

Further investigation revealed additional suspicious transactions linked to the Alphapo hack. Approximately 12M USDT and 5.2M TRX were drained to the addresses TKSitn…XDiY and TDoNAZHa7WxarUAFbQUhiijTGtd7EpbzRh respectively. These transactions indicate a potential web of financial movements orchestrated by the same attacker.

Impersonation Scams Arise:

In a troubling turn of events, impersonation scams associated with the Alphapo hack have surfaced. Specifically, an account has been identified as impersonating the Alphapo team on Twitter, using a verified status to further deceive unsuspecting victims. This scam account has been seen sharing links leading to the malicious website

Authorities have been notified, with @Twitter and @TwitterSupport urged to closely investigate the matter. It is crucial for users to exercise caution and refrain from interacting with such fraudulent accounts and deceptive links. The crypto community should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities promptly.

Emergence of Other Scams:

Beyond the Alphapo hack, the crypto space is also contending with a rise in other scams. @Arkhamltel on Twitter has been promoting a phishing site, hxxps://, which must be avoided at all costs. Interacting with this site or approving any transactions could result in significant financial loss.

Additionally, a fake Arbitrum airdrop is being circulated on Twitter, linking to hxxps:// This website appears to be connected to a new wallet draining scheme that could have severe consequences for those who engage with it.

The Alphapo hack and the subsequent emergence of impersonation scams have left the crypto community on high alert. With millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies stolen and fraudsters attempting to take advantage of the situation, it is crucial for individuals to exercise caution and remain aware of potential risks.

As investigations continue, it is paramount for platforms, such as Twitter, to swiftly take action against malicious accounts and scams impersonating legitimate entities. The cryptocurrency ecosystem must work collectively to enhance security measures and promote awareness, ultimately safeguarding users against such hacking incidents and fraudulent activities.

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