Investigating Recent Hacks and Phishing Attempts in the Crypto World

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, security is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, hackers and scammers are always on the lookout for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and steal valuable assets. In the past 24 hours, several alarming incidents have occurred, including compromised accounts, phishing attempts, and suspicious liquidity removal. Join us as we dig deeper into these events.

Vitalik X’s Compromised Account:
The renowned Vitalik X (formerly on Twitter) recently fell victim to a phishing attack that resulted in the loss of two CryptoPunks from bokkypoobah.eth. The cybercriminal responsible made off with the rare digital art collectibles, selling them for a staggering 202.5 ETH. Furthermore, the phisher interacted with SIM Swap SCAM addresses, transferring 39.25 ETH to various cryptocurrency exchanges, including CEXs such as eXch and OKX.

Vitalik #4100 in the Hands of the Phisher:
Another distressing development related to Vitalik X involves the transfer of Vitalik #4100 to the wallet address vitalik.eth. While the exact implications of this transfer remain unclear, it is likely that the phisher intends to exploit the situation further or profit from holding this valuable asset.

Concerns Surrounding witnet_io Discord Server:
Reports have emerged suggesting that the Discord server belonging to witnet_io, a prominent cryptocurrency project, has been compromised. Users are urged to exercise caution and avoid clicking on any links shared on the platform until the team regains control and confirms its safety. Phishers often use compromised Discord channels to deceive unsuspecting victims, leading to potential financial losses.

Suspicious Liquidity Removal on Fake Base Token:
The recent discovery of a significant liquidity removal from the fake Base token has raised alarm bells. Specifically, the deployer with the wallet address 0x6d35 profited approximately $71.6k from this suspicious activity. It is essential for investors and traders to exercise due diligence while engaging with lesser-known tokens and to be wary of potential scams.

Beware of Fake Claim Sites:
In yet another attempt to deceive cryptocurrency enthusiasts, a fake claim site has been advertised on social media platforms. This site, located at hxxps://, purports to offer attractive rewards, but it is recommended to refrain from interacting with it. Investigations have revealed that the website connects to a known drainer provider, suggesting a high risk of potential financial loss.

The recent string of hacks, compromised accounts, and phishing attempts serves as a stark reminder of the constant need for heightened security in the cryptocurrency world. Individual users, as well as projects and exchanges, must remain vigilant and employ robust security measures to safeguard their digital assets. By staying informed and following best practices, we can work together to combat these malicious activities and ensure a safer crypto environment for all.

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