Investigating Recent Hacking Schemes in the Crypto World

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, security is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, hackers and scammers constantly devise new methods to exploit vulnerabilities and prey on unsuspecting victims. Recent data from PeckShield, a leading blockchain security company, reveals several alarming instances that have taken place within the last 24 hours. In this investigative report, we will delve into the details of these hacking schemes and shed light on the impact they had on the crypto community.

Phishing Scheme: The AngelDrainer Attack
One address that fell victim to a phishing scheme orchestrated by the notorious AngelDrainer is 0xC18E…653B. This unfortunate incident resulted in a loss of approximately 118 $WETH, worth around $242,000. Phishing attacks remain a persistent threat and vigilance is crucial to avoid becoming a victim.

Compound’s Large Transfer: Team 3 and Coinbase Prime
PeckShield’s findings also reveal an astonishing transfer made by a team associated with Compound. A massive amount of 199,000 $COMP tokens, totaling approximately $10.2 million, was transferred to Coinbase Prime. The reasons behind this transfer are yet to be determined, but it indicates significant movement within the Compound ecosystem.

FTX and Alameda: Substantial Cryptocurrency Outflow
Several transactions associated with FTX and Alameda have raised eyebrows in the crypto space. In the past four hours alone, these labeled addresses have transferred a staggering total of approximately $8.05 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Notable transfers include 10 million $GM, equivalent to around $2.6 million, 407,000 $UNI valued at $2.4 million, 5.23 million $SYN worth approximately $2.27 million, 77.76 billion $SHIB amounting to $642,400, and 139,700 $USDD, which were sent to Gateio. The motives and recipients behind these transfers remain unclear, necessitating further investigation.

LilPudgys NFT Stolen: The Blur Incident
Adding to the alarming state of affairs, an NFT known as #17799 belonging to the popular LilPudgys collection was stolen by a perpetrator using the handle #Fake_Phishing187019. This incident took place on the platform Blur, highlighting the vulnerability of even well-known NFT projects to hacking attempts.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to face significant security challenges, with hackers and scammers employing increasingly sophisticated tactics. The recent incidents highlighted in this investigation serve as cautionary tales to the crypto community. It is paramount for users to remain vigilant, employ strong security measures, and exercise caution when interacting with the blockchain. To combat these threats effectively, ongoing collaboration among blockchain security companies, industry players, and users is essential. Together, we can enhance the security of the cryptocurrency world and ensure its continued growth and adoption.

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