Investigating Recent Crypto Hacks: Millions Stolen, Funds Swapped, and Rug Pulls

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, there’s never a dull moment. New developments are constantly emerging, and unfortunately, so are the hackers. In this investigative article, we will delve into the recent 24-hour cryptocurrency hacking news that has left investors and experts stunned. Strap in, as we unravel the details of compromised wallets, large fund transfers, unexpected swaps, and rug pulls.

1. FriendTech Wallet Compromise:

First on our list is the compromised FriendTech wallet. Alerted by @yyctrader1, it has been reported that a scammer managed to gain unauthorized access to the wallet. The stolen funds, originally held in Base, were quickly transferred from Bitcoin to Ethereum via Orbiter. To make matters worse, a portion of the stolen funds was then deposited into Binance, making it difficult to trace the hacker’s steps.

2. Dormant Bitcoin Address Movement:

In a surprising turn of events, a dormant Bitcoin address that had been inactive for the past six years suddenly sprang to life. The address, 17TZNT…6kRo, moved an astonishing 2,995.11 BTC, which amounts to approximately $82.3 million at current market rates. The funds were split between two new addresses: bc1q55j8ankt9qlpvg6r9mgc0ty0r0jwpzw2dpwnpu and bc1qgg9ghh7nqsvlea9dfqn2qhk89fqx85g3yrzgyv. The question of who is behind this sudden activity remains a mystery.

3. Ethereum Foundation Swap:

The Ethereum Foundation, a well-known name in the crypto space, has found itself embroiled in controversy. Grant provider 0x9ee…13d, affiliated with the Ethereum Foundation, was involved in a swap where 1,700 ETH was exchanged for approximately 2.74 million USDC. The motives behind this swap raise questions, leaving many wondering about the Foundation’s plans and intentions.

4. Rug Pulls and Lucky Star Currency:

In a classic example of volatility and market manipulation, Lucky Star Currency (LSC) has made headlines with a significant drop. LSC, hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, suffered a rug pull resulting in a staggering loss of approximately $1.11 million. The value of LSC plummeted by an astonishing 98%, leaving investors reeling. Such rug pulls not only damage trust within the crypto community but also highlight the need for increased scrutiny and precautions when investing in new projects.

The world of cryptocurrency is rife with opportunities and risks. For every success story, there are unfortunate incidents like compromised wallets, large fund transfers, unexpected swaps, and rug pulls. As investors navigate this ever-changing landscape, it is essential to remain vigilant, conduct thorough research, and exercise caution to protect oneself from potential pitfalls. While the crypto space continues to evolve, it is our responsibility as users to educate ourselves and stay informed about the latest developments to mitigate any potential risks. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to monitor the ever-changing crypto landscape.

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