Investigating Recent Crypto Hacking Activities: Massive Transfers and Ongoing Attacks

In the world of cryptocurrencies, security breaches and hacking attempts are unfortunately not uncommon. Today, we delve into the recent hacking news, uncovering dormant Bitcoin addresses coming back to life, suspicious transfers between labeled addresses, and an ongoing attack on the Onyx Protocol. Let’s investigate these events and understand their potential implications for the crypto community.

1. Dormant Bitcoin Addresses Awaken:
In a peculiar turn of events, three dormant Bitcoin addresses, which had remained inactive for over six years, suddenly sprung to life. These addresses have transferred a staggering total of approximately 6.5K BTC (equivalent to $224.75 million) to three new addresses: 1ByTg4U…7WX9a (2K BTC), 16XwK6…GkBM2 (2.55K BTC), and 1LVY5FG…EAepC (1.95K BTC). The combined worth of these transfers is estimated to be around $224.75 million.

2. Justin Sun-linked Address Transfers SUSHI to Binance:
Another intriguing development involves a Justin Sun-labeled address, which has transferred approximately 101K SUSHI (equivalent to $116K) to a Binance deposit. While the motive behind this transfer remains unclear, it raises questions about the potential strategic moves by high-profile individuals in the crypto industry.

3. FTX-labeled Address and Polygon:
An address associated with FTX received around 1.81M MATIC tokens, valued at approximately $1.15 million, from the Polygon POS Staking Contract. In a related move, the same FTX-labeled address withdrew approximately 1.6M SOL from staking and transferred 500K SOL, equivalent to $20.7 million, out of which 250K SOL found its way to Binance. The motive behind these complex transactions remains shrouded in mystery.

4. FTX and Alameda Transfers on Ethereum:
FTX and Alameda-labeled addresses have been involved in sizeable transfers, moving around $11 million worth of various cryptocurrencies to centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as Coinbase Prime, Binance, and Wintermute: Kraken Deposit. Notable transfers include 7.7M BAT ($1.65 million), 71.6M GALA ($1.36 million), 810K MASK ($2.49 million), 4.5M C98 ($836.5K), 1M USDC ($1 million), 650K LDO ($1.3 million), 2.1M SUSHI ($2.351 million), and smaller amounts of YFI and COMP. These transfers warrant further investigation into potential motives and connections.

5. Ongoing Attack on Onyx Protocol:
In a distressing turn of events, the renowned Onyx Protocol has come under attack. An unidentified exploiter has successfully laundered approximately 1,130 ETH using TornadoCash, a privacy-focused mixer. The attack raises concerns about the weaknesses in the protocol’s security and imposes potential risks for its users.

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to witness events that leave us questioning the motives and potential implications behind significant transfers and ongoing attacks. From dormant Bitcoin addresses being reactivated to labeled addresses moving large amounts of various cryptocurrencies, the crypto community must remain vigilant and proactive in bolstering security measures. As these investigations unfold, it is essential for exchanges, projects, and users to collaborate in countering such threats and ensuring a safe and secure crypto landscape.

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