Hungri Games Collaborates with Polygon to Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming

The world of blockchain gaming is gaining momentum, with new projects and collaborations emerging to provide unique and immersive gaming experiences. Hungri Games, a game studio specializing in Web3 gaming, recently announced an exciting collaboration with Polygon. This partnership aims to create an unparalleled gaming experience for players worldwide while leveraging the power of decentralized technology. In this investigative blog post, we will dive into the details of Hungri Games’ fundraising rounds and explore how this collaboration will shape the future of blockchain gaming.

Fundraising Rounds:
According to the data obtained from CryptoRank, Hungri Games has successfully raised $1.9 million in funds, with an impressive valuation of $23 million. This substantial investment indicates a strong belief in the potential of blockchain gaming and Hungri Games’ ability to deliver innovative gaming experiences.

Collaboration with Polygon:
The collaboration between Hungri Games and Polygon holds great promise for the future of blockchain gaming. By joining forces, these two entities aim to create a gaming platform known as Metahorse Unity, which promises to revolutionize the gaming industry. Metahorse Unity will blend the best aspects of decentralized technology with mainstream mobile and web gaming, providing a unique, immersive, and affordable gaming experience.

Implications of the Partnership:
The partnership between Hungri Games and Polygon comes at a crucial time when the demand for blockchain gaming is on the rise. Utilizing the scalability and flexibility offered by Polygon’s layer 2 solutions, Metahorse Unity aims to overcome the limitations of traditional blockchain gaming, such as high transaction fees and slow transaction speeds. This will make blockchain gaming more accessible to a wider audience and contribute to the wider adoption of the technology.

Key Players:
Boğaziçi Ventures, a prominent investment firm, has shown confidence in the potential of Hungri Games by leading an investment round. Sebastien Borget, the current Lead at Boğaziçi Ventures, has been instrumental in supporting this collaboration and driving the growth of the project. Additionally, Oyunfor Presto Labs has also contributed to this funding round, further validating the project and its potential for success.

The collaboration between Hungri Games and Polygon signifies a significant milestone in the world of blockchain gaming. By leveraging the expertise of both platforms, they aim to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream gaming market while providing an immersive and affordable gaming experience. With an impressive fundraising round and the support of key players in the industry, Hungri Games’ Metahorse Unity has the potential to reshape the landscape of gaming and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Watch out for further updates on this promising partnership as it progresses towards its objectives.

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