How to provide liquidity on BreezySwap

BreezySwap works on the same model as Uniswap V2 (Full Range), making actions like adding liquidity simpler and more user-friendly.

Liquidity Providers will not only earn from trading fees, but the protocol will also allocate liquidity to other DeFi pools to generate more interest. The BreezySwap contract will manage liquidity for both trading and farming.

Liquidity providers on the BreezySwap platform are granted 100% of the trading fees generated on the platform. These fees accumulate within the respective trading pairs.

Current trading pairs on Breezy are the most used trading pairs on BASE, with low Impermanent Loss. This ensures that liquidity providers feel secure while providing liquidity on Breezy and earning passive income from transaction fees.

  1. Deposit

2. Withdraw

BRE/ETH pair and more will be live when #BreezyProfits launch

Future airdrops await all liquidity providers, traders, and $BRE holders to participate in voting🎁

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