Helix Raises $2 Million in Pre-Seed Funding: A Look at the CryptoRrank Data

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, fundraising rounds are a regular occurrence as startups and protocols seek to secure funding for their ventures. Recently, Helix, a startup incubated by Singapore-based private credit business Helicap, made headlines with its successful pre-seed funding round. With a raised amount of $2 million, Helix aims to launch its real-world assets (RWA) protocol on Ethereum in Q4 of 2023, targeting accredited and institutional investors. Let’s take a closer look at Helix’s noteworthy raise and its plans for the RWA credit ecosystem.

Helix’s Pre-Seed Funding:

According to the data available on CryptoRank, Helix managed to secure a substantial amount of funding in its pre-seed round. The platform provides key details about the fundraising round, including the total amount raised ($2 million) and the announcement date (08 Sep, 2023). Additionally, the funds were backed by notable investors such as Saison Capital, Superscrypt, Emurgo, and Outlier Ventures – all of which add credibility to Helix’s project.

Helix’s Real-World Assets Protocol:

Helix’s main focus is on developing a real-world assets credit protocol. This indicates its intention to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the crypto industry. By offering credit services for real-world assets on the Ethereum blockchain, Helix aims to tap into the potential of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) lending and borrowing.

Target Market and Collaborations:

Helix’s target market comprises accredited and institutional investors, indicating their focus on attracting high-profile investors. Additionally, the startup has expressed its desire to collaborate with stablecoin providers, exchanges, and other lending protocols to foster growth in the RWA credit ecosystem. Such collaborations would facilitate the integration of Helix’s protocol within existing crypto infrastructure, ultimately increasing its reach and utility.

Analyzing the Future:

While the success of Helix’s pre-seed funding round is a positive indicator, it’s important to consider the challenges and competitive landscape the startup might face. With multiple protocols and projects entering the DeFi space, competition can be fierce. However, Helix’s focus on real-world assets could offer a unique value proposition, particularly for investors looking to diversify their portfolios beyond purely digital assets.

Examining the credentials of the investors involved in the funding round – Saison Capital, Superscrypt, Emurgo, and Outlier Ventures – it becomes evident that Helix’s project has attracted attention from industry leaders, further boosting its prospects for success.

Helix’s recent pre-seed funding round of $2 million has placed the spotlight on its real-world assets protocol. By combining traditional finance with the power of blockchain and DeFi, Helix aims to create a new wave of credit services accessible to accredited and institutional investors. While challenges lie ahead, Helix has secured funding from notable investors in the crypto space, strengthening its credibility and increasing the likelihood of achieving its goals. As the launch on Ethereum approaches in Q4 2023, it will be intriguing to see how Helix’s RWA credit ecosystem unfolds and contributes to the evolving landscape of crypto finance.

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