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DeFiXBot is a category of integrated tools on Telegram designed to facilitate a range of indirect interactions and actions on the blockchain, simplifying user engagement with DeFi (Decentralized Finance). With DeFiXBot, users can simply issue commands, and the bot will automatically execute various activities on DeFi platforms, including swapping, bridging, lending, borrowing, and more. To achieve this, users must authorize and link their wallets with DeFiXBot.

Imagine being able to perform a series of lending/borrowing or Farming actions on platforms like AAVE or Curve with just one command, eliminating cumbersome, unnecessary operations or deep DeFi expertise.

Challenges in Automating Blockchain Tasks

Automating tasks on a blockchain network presents complex challenges. As blockchain networks, particularly within the BASE ecosystem, continue to develop, users are increasingly seeking efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions to manage various activities on the BASE network. Manual handling of tasks such as querying balances, sending transactions, and managing smart contracts can be time-consuming, error-prone, and impractical on a larger scale.

Several factors contribute to this complexity:

  • Scalability: Efficiently processing a large number of concurrent tasks while maintaining effectiveness.
  • Interoperability: Ensuring seamless interaction among different platforms, tools, and blockchain systems.
  • Security: Safeguarding transactions and data integrity while ensuring easy access and use.
  • User Experience: Providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both technical and non-technical users.

The Need for a Telegram Bot Solution:

To address these challenges, the development of a dedicated Telegram Bot for automating blockchain tasks has been identified as a strategic solution. Leveraging technologies like Node.js and Web3.js, the goal is to:

  • Enhance Efficiency: By automating repetitive and complex tasks, the bot improves efficiency and reduces the risk of human errors.
  • Broaden Access: Integration with the widely used Telegram platform makes blockchain tasks more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Provide Flexibility: The bot’s design allows customization and adaptation for various blockchain-related tasks, catering to different use cases.
  • Boost Security and Compliance: Strong security measures will be implemented to ensure transaction integrity and authenticity.

Differentiating Features of DeFiXBot:

  • Minimal Setup Complexity: DeFiXBot greatly simplifies both installation and usage compared to existing bots.
  • Revenue Sharing: Holders of $XBOT tokens receive 50% of transaction fees and 1% of total DeFiXBot transaction volume; 15% for partnerships
  • Free Usage: All products are free to use, with a nominal platform fee of 0 – 0.5%.
  • Referral Program: Referrals earn 33% of the 10% purchase fee that is commissioned to the referrer. You need to have 50 XBOT to activate your master node.
  • Wallet Integration: Directly create wallets within the bot, with all private keys encrypted using AES and maintaining server security.

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Tokenomics – $XBOT Token

  • Governance Token: XBOT is the governance token for the DeFiXBot project, a Telegram bot designed to integrate DeFi with AI and automated bot technology.
  • Zero Initial Supply: XBOT starts with zero tokens in circulation, ensuring its value can only rise initially.
  • Dividend Rewards: Receive a 10% dividend in ETH on each buy-in and a 4% dividend on each sell-off.
  • Additional Earnings: 50% of transaction fees from the DeFiXBot Telegram bot are shared with XBOT token holders.
  • Profit Potential:
    • Fluctuating Price Scenario:
      • Buy at price X
        • Price rises to Y and then falls back to X
        • Earn dividends on all transactions made by others that occurred while the price fluctuated from X to Y and back to X
        • Sell at the initial price X
        • Result: You profit from the dividends earned during the price fluctuation, even if you sell at the initial price X
  • Low-Risk Investment: With diversified ways to earn and a built-in safety net through dividends, XBOT offers a uniquely low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity in the DeFi ecosystem.

Formula for calculating price increment

To calculate the price of ETH when knowing the token or selling tokens for ETH:

Given parameters:

  • A: tokenPriceInitial
  • B: tokenPriceIncremental
  • C: tokenSupply + 1e18
  • x: token input + 1e18
  • y: ETH output

After finding “y”, where “y” is the ETH before subtracting the exit fee, the ETH after subtracting the exit fee is calculated as follows:

To calculate the price of the token when knowing ETH or buying tokens with ETH:

Given parameters:

  • A: tokenPriceInitial * 1e18
  • B: tokenPriceIncremental
  • C: totalSupply
  • x: token output
  • y: ETH after subtracting entryFee

The ETH after subtracting the entry fee is calculated as follows:


  • Hold 50 $XBOT for Referral Program participation.
  • Hold $XBOT for 67% revenue sharing from XBOT Token trading fee and 50% of transaction fees from the DeFiXBot Telegram bot
  • Join Telegram Private Channel, follow whales and smart money.
  • Participate in Premium to use 10 wallets concurrently and expedite all functions.
  • Hold $XBOT to utilize the product’s features.
  • Governance


  1. Alpha Phase
  • Token Launch
  • Profit sharing
  • Multi-wallet system

2. Beta Phase

  • Profit claim dashboard
  • Profit tracking dashboard
  • Ethereum Chain integration
  • Ambassador program launch
  • Compatibility with v3 routers

3. Omega Phase

  • DeFiXBot 2.0
  • Multi-strategy system
  • Develop a fast honeypot checker

4. Advanced Phase

  • Advanced DeFi automation tasks
  • Portfolio management feature
  • Copy trading

5. Extension Phase

  • Telegram call channel automatic sniping
  • DeFiXBot 3.0
  • DeFiXBot AI Trading

Official Communication Channels

Please note that this document provides an overview of DeFiXBot and its features. Detailed technical specifications, instructions, and further updates can be found on the provided communication channels.

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