The onset of Onchain Summer marks an exciting juncture for enthusiasts of blockchain technology, art, music, and gaming. This multi-week extravaganza, firmly rooted in the innovative platform Base, promises a dynamic fusion of creativity and immersion within the decentralized ecosystem.

To celebrate the general availability launch of Base on August 9th, BASE kicking off Onchain Summer, a month-long onchain festival put on by 50 of the best builders, brands, products, artists, and creators. Every day in August, theyโ€™ll bring you something fun to do onchain, highlighting art, music, gaming, advocacy, and more.

At the heart of this celebration lies a noble mission – the empowerment of creators and enthusiasts alike. The festival extends an open invitation to partake in its offerings, fortified by a substantial pool of 100+ ETH in grants. This financial backing serves as a testament to the organizers’ commitment to fostering innovation and creativity within the blockchain sphere.

Schedule of Onchain Summer:

  • August 10 โ€” FWB (closed)
  • August 11 โ€” Parallel (closed)
  • August 12 โ€” anotherblock (closed)
  • August 13 โ€” Coca-Colaยฎ (closed)
  • August 14 โ€” Stand with Crypto Day of Action
  • August 15 โ€” Blackbird
  • August 16 โ€” Zora
  • August 17 โ€” Pixelmon
  • August 18 โ€” Showtime
  • August 19 โ€” Mirrors Wellness Club
  • August 20 โ€” Indelible
  • August 21 โ€” Manifold
  • August 22 โ€” Highlight
  • August 23 โ€” Onboard
  • August 24 โ€” Optimism
  • August 25 โ€” Atari
  • August 26 โ€” Rainbow
  • August 27 โ€” Iskra
  • August 28 โ€” Oak
  • August 29 โ€” OpenSea
  • August 30 โ€” Bonfire
  • August 31 โ€” Fini

Voting for Innovation

In this regard, the Breezy project takes center stage, beckoning support from the community. The potential victory holds promises of heightened liquidity for $BRE, serving as a driving force behind more robust liquidity pools. Community members’ contributions are not merely financial; they form the bedrock for the growth and innovation of this pioneering venture.

Learn more: Breezy Onchain Summer

Onchain Summer emerges as a harmonious confluence of technology, creativity, and community. As the weeks unfold, participants are primed to immerse themselves in a spectrum of onchain experiences, ranging from artistic expression to cutting-edge advocacy, shaping the trajectory of blockchain innovation and galvanizing the collective spirit of enthusiasts worldwide.

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