Breezy – Decentralized Exchange on BASE Layer2 Ecosystem

Breezy is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on the BASE Layer2, designed to be user-friendly. Breezy allows users to generate passive income and create customized financial management systems through the Breezy Fund. The platform aims to make finance more accessible and comprehensive for everyone.

Breezy offers various DeFi products and services, including:

  1. Breezy Swap: A decentralized exchange utilizing Automated Market Maker (AMM) to manage liquidity on the BASE Layer2. It features Limit Orders and provides incentives for traders.
  2. Breezy Profits: Allows users to provide liquidity and earn rewards through trading fees and incentives paid as $hodlBRE
  3. Breezy Capital Index: Provides users with portfolio diversification and risk management options through $BCI investment pools.
  4. BreezyLink: A flexible fee system for cross-chain transactions, facilitating seamless integration with multiple chains.

Why launch on BASE Layer-2?

BASE is a Layer-2 solution built on Ethereum using Optimism’s technology. It is constructed on the open-source code of OP Stack, which supports the development of Optimism’s Superchain.


BASE key highlights:

  • Security Inheritance from Ethereum: BASE is built with the security and scalability that developers need for their decentralized applications. It leverages the underlying security of Ethereum and adheres to Coinbase’s best practices, making it a confident choice for developers transitioning from Coinbase, Ethereum L1, and other chains.
  • Supported by Coinbase: Developers on BASE have easy access to Coinbase’s products, users, and tools. Integrating seamlessly with Coinbase’s products, facilitating fiat bridges, and providing robust access tools allow developers to serve more than 110 million verified users and access assets on the Coinbase platform worth up to 80 billion dollars.
  • Robust Features, Low Fees: BASE provides full EVM compatibility with low fees and a commitment to strengthening the development ecosystem. It enables feeless transactions for decentralized applications with user-friendly development APIs and secure cross-chain development bridges, making it effortless for developers, especially those transitioning from Ethereum, to build and develop their dApps.

Breezy Ecosystem

Breezy Swap: Decentralized Exchange

Breezy Swap is a decentralized exchange operating on the BASE Layer2 and utilizes AMM to manage liquidity. The standout feature of the exchange is its support for Limit Orders and incentives for traders.

The trading fees on Breezy Swap are utilized for LP (Liquidity Provider) rewards and incentives for traders on the platform. The exchange offers a competitive fee structure:

  • Trading fees: 0.2%
  • Stable pools: 0.1%

The fee distribution is as follows:

  • 80% goes to LP rewards.
  • 10% is allocated to the Incentive pool.
  • 10% goes to the Development Fund.

The exchange provides two types of pools:

  1. Stable Pools: These pools use an oracle to maintain the price ratio of all stablecoins. They enable low slippage trading for larger transactions with the formula:

X³Y * Y³X ≥ K

2. Volatile Pools: These pools consist of uncorrelated assets, based on the traditional UniV2 model, and use the standard constant product formula:

X * Y K

Breezy Profits – $hodlBRE

Breezy Profits allows users to provide liquidity and receive 80% of the trading fees as rewards, in addition to an incentive from the Breezy project. Breezy combines on-chain and off-chain liquidity balancing to ensure high trading volume and low slippage.

The Breezy Profits offers two options for users:

  • Single pool: Users provide liquidity and receive $hodlBRE rewards.
  • Dual pool: Users can optimize and choose the most suitable option.

The reward for liquidity providers is in the form of $hodlBRE tokens, which have a conversion ratio of 1:1 with $BRE (50% instant conversion and 50% vesting over 2 months)

The fee structure for Breezy Profits is as follows:
Deposit fee 0% and 2.5% withdrawal fee for Single pools.

  • 15% for Development Fund.
  • 70% for liquidity providers.
  • 15% for the Incentive pool.
Breezy Capital Index (BCI)

BCI is a distinctive token functioning as an index to represent the value of assets across a selection of liquidity pools.

Each BCI token can be exchanged for a variety of assets within these pools, offering a versatile and dynamic tool for managing your investments.

The price of the BCI token is determined by the cumulative value of the assets within the pools, divided by the total number of BCI tokens in circulation.

As such, the value of each BCI token will fluctuate in response to changes in the value of assets within the pools.

By holding BCI tokens, investors can gain exposure to a wide array of assets without the need for complex trading strategies.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the world of cryptocurrency, BCI offers a straightforward and accessible way to manage your investments and diversify your portfolio.

Multiple pools are available for users to choose from, such as:

  • Defi pool (UNI, ETH, MKR, etc.)
  • Stablecoin pool (USDT, DAI, TUSD, USDC, etc.)
  • Top 10 market cap pool (BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, etc.)

BreezyLink facilitates cross-chain transactions with a flexible fee system, with a minimum fee of 0.1% for each bridge transaction. The protocol’s fee rate depends on the source chain, destination chain, and token being transferred.

The Bridge fee is calculated as follows:

Bridge fee = Cost fee + Blockchain fee (cost fee paid in $BRE)

BreezyLink currently supports ETH and Arbitrum, and more chains like Optimism and Polygon will be added in the near future. This feature will launch alongside Breezy Swap

Tokenomic – $BRE

Initial Allocation:

  • Max supply: 21,000,000 $BRE
  • Liquidity locked for 2 months.
  • Community allocation cliff for 1 month, then time-locked for 2 weeks.
  • Development Fund & Incentive allocation cliff for 2 months, then time-locked for 2 weeks.

=> No emissions in the first month.

TimeLock Smart contract

  • Time locks the mint function for 14 days (Used to adjust anti-whale parameters)

Anti-Whale Mechanism:

  • Initial Limit: 5% (1,050,000 $BRE Tokens)
  • Initially, no single address (excluding exemptions like team wallets, contract addresses, etc.) can hold more than 1,050,000 $BRE.
  • This limit will deter any large investors or entities from gaining a disproportionately large influence over the token early on.
  • Increased Limit: 20% Post Farming and Airdrop, which equals 4,200,000 $BRE tokens per address. Once farming and airdrop are released and more tokens are distributed to the community
  • Raising the limit post farming and airdrop makes sense, as the overall distribution of the token would be more widespread by then, making it harder for any single entity to reach the 20% limit.


Breezy is a decentralized crypto exchange and DeFi ecosystem built on the BASE Layer2. It offers a range of products and services, including the Breezy Swap, Breezy Profits, Breezy Capital Index (BCI), and Breezy Bridge. With BASE Layer2’s security, low fees, and support from Coinbase, Breezy aims to provide a user-friendly and accessible platform for decentralized finance.

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