BASE Mainnet On-Chain

The BASE Ecosystem appears to be making significant strides since its Mainnet opened for builders. Statistics on BASE Mainnet On-Chain after 24 days

  1. Total Value Locked (TVL)
    The TVL in the BASE Ecosystem has seen remarkable growth, reaching over $118 million. An impressive $80 million was bridged into BASE within just two days, indicating strong interest and confidence from investors. The number of total contracts created, standing at 51,319, suggests a vibrant and active ecosystem.

2. Layer 2 Data:
BASE has made impressive progress on Layer 2, ranking in the top 3 for transactions per day. Additionally, the platform boasts the highest number of new accounts created per day, indicating a growing user base and interest in the ecosystem. The active user count of over 80,000 out of a total of 175,000 users signifies a substantial engagement rate. Furthermore, the daily trading volume on all DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) maintaining an average of $75 million highlights the liquidity and trading activity within the ecosystem.

3. BASE Ecosystem Analysis:
Despite being in its early stages, the BASE ecosystem has demonstrated promising metrics. The use of “smart marketing strategies” has likely contributed to its success so far. However, the insight suggests that there are still areas to be developed, especially in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space. This indicates that BASE has the potential for further growth as it continues to expand and refine its offerings.

4. Introduction of Breezy:

Breezy seems to be a new addition to the BASE ecosystem, aiming to bring a fresh wave of experiences. It promises to empower simplicity and maximize gains for users. As Breezy is introduced confidently, it is likely that it will enhance the overall user experience and potentially address some of the missing DeFi elements in the ecosystem.

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  1. Upcoming Mainnet Public Launch:
    An important upcoming event for the BASE Ecosystem is the Mainnet Public launch, scheduled for August 9th. This milestone is expected to further expand the user base and engagement within the ecosystem, potentially leading to additional TVL growth and increased activity.

Overall, the BASE Ecosystem is showing positive signs of growth and development, and the addition of #Breezy could bring new opportunities for users. As the Mainnet becomes available to all users, it is likely to attract more attention and interest from the crypto community, further solidifying its position in the decentralized finance landscape.

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