Add Base Layer 2 to MetaMask

Base deployed by Coinbase offers a secure and cost-effective platform for executing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) codebase, making it interoperable with MetaMask. By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly connect Base to your MetaMask Wallet, extending its capabilities and accessing the benefits of a Layer 2 solution.

Step 1: Visit the ChainList Website
To begin, navigate to the ChainList website, a reputable EVM network information aggregator. ChainList simplifies the process of finding and connecting with EVM-compatible networks, including Base, by providing validated RPC and network IDs.

Step 2: Connect Your MetaMask Wallet
Step 3: Search for Base

Using the search bar at the top of the page, enter ‘Base’ as your query. This will lead you to the Base EVM information.

Step 4: Add Base to MetaMask
After locating the Base EVM information, find the ‘Add to MetaMask’ option associated with it. Clicking this button will automatically add the verified RPC information to your MetaMask extension.

Step 5: Confirm and Verify
Upon adding Base to MetaMask, take a moment to confirm that the integration is successful. Check that the network details match the ones provided by ChainList. This step ensures that you are securely connected to Base.

Step 6: Manual Connection (Optional)
For users who prefer a hands-on approach, MetaMask also allows manual connection to the Base Mainnet RPC and Network ID. If you choose this method, use the following details from the Base documentation:

  • Network name: Base
  • Network URL:
  • Chain ID: 8453
  • Currency symbol: ETH
  • Block explorer URL:

Incorporating Base, the innovative Ethereum Layer 2 solution, into your MetaMask Wallet is a straightforward process. Utilizing the reliable EVM network aggregator, ChainList, or the manual method with the provided Base Mainnet RPC and Network ID, you can seamlessly link the Base network to your MetaMask Wallet. This integration expands your wallet’s capabilities, allowing you to execute any EVM codebase securely and cost-effectively.

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